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Why Invest in North Cyprus?

Appreciating Investment: Over the last 3 years, real estate prices in Northern Cyprus have increased by 79%, a significant increase that has not been seen anywhere else in Europe.

Crypto Use: You can use cryptocurrency to purchase real estate in Northern Cyprus.

Climate Conditions: Northern Cyprus enjoys an average of 340 days of sunny weather, and the beach season lasts for 8 months.

Economic: In terms of cost of living and real estate prices, Northern Cyprus is extremely low compared to other Mediterranean countries. It has been ranked number one on Forbes' "Best Beachfront Buy" list.

Residency permit:When you purchase a property in Northern Cyprus, you can also obtain a permanent residency permit.

Clean Environment and Nature: Northern Cyprus has been ranked number one for the cleanest sea and sand by the European Environment Agency. Nature is under state protection.

Safe Living: Northern Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world. Crime rates are low in Cyprus, and the people are peaceful.

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О группе недвижимости Dara

О группе недвижимости Dara